Investment Opportunity

Would you like to earn 4% on your savings and receive a monthly distribution of these earnings?

I need more income, but I don’t want more risk!

What is the answer?

Here at PFI, we can help you to earn a reasonable amount of income supported with monthly payments that help you maintain your lifestyle.

If you invest say $300,000 in fixed interest securities, we can pay you $1,000 per month or $12,000 per annum after all fees and charges.

Whilst they are not as safe as term deposits, they are much safer than shares as the net tangible asset value (NTA) of these fixed interest securities have not changed significantly since the inception of their listing on the ASX.

They invest in mortgages and credit facilities and unlike bonds, their NTA does not change very much at all.

Their NTA remains within 1% of their issue price except to rise prior to paying you its dividend at the end of every month.

Unlike term deposits, you can access part or all of your investment without any penalty on 3 days’ notice.

This investment will suit retirees seeking a regular income stream without the risks associated with owning shares or other growth assets.

It will also suit Self-Managed Superannuation Funds seeking higher income without the risks associated with owning equities.

The current rate of return is subject to change as it is subject to market forces and the fee charged by PFI to manage this account is an agreed flat fee based on the amount invested. Minimum investment of $100,000 is required to open an account except for existing clients where we may accept a lower amount at our discretion.

For further information please call William or Wayne on (02) 9875 2444.

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